The mission of the non-profit organization Indah is to support local initiatives working for the rights of children and women.

Indah’s actions are based on the principle of subsidiarity, so it is our local partners who manage the field programs. Indeed, they are the most capable of identifying and responding to the needs of the population while respecting their culture and specific context: ethnic, social, political and economic. The philosophy of our organization is to support the realization of these projects to enable them to achieve autonomy, the basis of dignity.

Currently, Indah supports three projects in Rwanda, Sri Lanka and Madagascar.

Indah is a non-profit, non-political, non-denominational and non-discriminatory association that puts human beings first and children and women in particular at the heart of its mission.

To achieve this, Indah has always had the ambition to propose innovative and creative solutions and therefore proposes a new way of approaching the act of solidarity.

To do so, we propose positive, constructive, useful and inspiring fundraising initiatives that put the human being and his true nature at the center of the action.