2022 :

  • three women (young mothers) in training
  • product development with cooperatives for the online store
  • increase in the number of sponsored children to 90
  • funding for the schooling of 38 children

2021 :

  • launch of partnerships with two women’s cooperatives and creation of the online stor
  • launch of the training program for women
  • increase in the number of sponsored children to 45
  • funding for the schooling of 38 children

2020 :

  • launch of the sponsorship system for 25 children
  • funding for the schooling of 38 children

2019 : 

  • launch of sponsorship for 3 vulnerable children
  • funding for the schooling of 38 children

2018 :

  • financing of the schooling of 38 children




We decided to work in Rwanda, a small country scarred by its history, in particular by the 1994 genocide. A territory affected by this tragedy, a people still distrustful, but more resilient than ever…

Our local partner association, Amizero, was created in 1992 with the aim of improving the living conditions of women in difficult situations (even before the genocide). In post-1994 Rwanda, widows and children orphaned by the genocide are trying to survive: street selling, begging and petty crime are the daily life of these people. Only 6 of the 63 founding members of Amizero survived the genocide. In 1997, faced with this unacceptable situation, Amizero emerged from its lethargy.

Since then and still now, Florida Mukarubuga (a qualified social worker), accompanied by two professional friends, has been fighting with and for the women of her country. 

Because Indah and Amizero share the same values, we decided to move forward together with a common mission : to work concretely to allow women to regain their dignity and to allow the future generation to start on a better basis.

“Amizero” means “Hope” in Kinyarwanda.


From left to right : Winni, Florida, Stéphanie (Indah association) et Iza – Kigali | February 2019


Together we set priorities and defined action programmes to achieve our goals.



  • Education, a key to dignity

In collaboration with Amizero, we provide schooling for 52 children from the most vulnerable families in the capital, Kigali. These families live in Ubumwe in the Nyarugenge district. The children attend the public school ‘Groupe Scolaire Sainte-Famille’. We provide funding for the school fees, uniforms, insurance, materials, etc. Our local partner provides regular and individual follow-up.


 Some children supported by Amizero / Indah with their sports uniforms – Nyarugenge Kigali | November 2019


  • Sponsorship, an essential support tool

In May 2019, in order to deal with the delicate situation of three particularly vulnerable children (orphans, HIV-AIDS sufferers, etc.), we created a sponsorship system. Since then, we are regularly looking for new sponsors for other children. This ensures food aid to guarantee their development and their presence at school.

Since then, some of these children are very young. Access to pre-school education is not only essential to guarantee them the best basis, but also a solution against daily wandering (during the absence of mothers from work) and the risks associated with it.


Odette, mother of 8 – Gahanga | November 2019


Indah gives great importance to field missions. We therefore go there at least once a year. Beyond the organisation and communication with our local partner, it is important for the Indah team to establish a relationship with the beneficiaries… this is a basic principle to enable them to move forward with confidence and to enable us to move forward with an awareness of the realities on the ground in order to collaborate effectively.